What’s in a name?

The name The Heart Center has many layers, and is more than just a cute title. The name deeply reflects our core values, vision and mission. 

The term The Heart Center often refers to the heart chakra (anahata). This energy center (located in the center of the chest) is associated with love (for ourselves and others), empathy, joy and compassion. It is also associated with the air element, which is connected to freedom and spaciousness. 

It is from this place that we seek to live, work and serve. This energy is both an inspiration and an aspiration, guiding us in creating and fulfilling our goals, and also keeping us focused on ‘doing the work’ to stay heart-centered (because it’s not always easy as a human!).

Just as the heart chakra is the bridge between the lower and upper chakras, we aspire to serve as a bridge connecting folks more deeply to their inner worlds, outer worlds, and to a deeper and higher sense of purpose and well-being. It is our hope to support others to live from a heart-centered place. 

And yes, our name is also totally a play on words. Our healing center needed a name that aligned with our truest intention, so The Heart Center just seemed to fit. 

Fun Fact: The colour green is associated with the heart chakra, which is why you will see green hearts and colour schemes throughout our branding.

The Origin of The Heart Center

This story starts with the creation of This Human ThingThis Human Thing is a heart-centered business focused on re-humanizing mental health by helping each other embrace and embody the human experience. This Human Thing supports others to relate to their suffering through sharing, art-making, movement, storytelling, dance, song, nature, education & tools, through offerings of therapeutic groups, accessible therapy, workshops, events and more. This Human Thing is a social enterprise, investing profits into scholarships/subsidized services and to existing community initiatives. 

The birth of This Human Thing brought the need for a space to do our healing work – a home for connection, creativity, authenticity and healing. After experiencing and witnessing the impact of the pandemic, we knew this space needed to be in person, so that folks could come together to heal in community again. 

So we began our search for the right container. We visited the space that is now known as The Heart Center on several occasions, but always left feeling like maybe it was ‘too much’ or ‘too big’ for us. Yet, we kept finding ourselves back there. 

One day after a viewing, the landlord let us hang out in the space for a while, as we wanted to ‘feel into it’. Those of us in attendance spent the afternoon goofing around having a ridiculous photo shoot, belly laughing, being creative, scheming + dreaming…. truly connecting. We started to envision all of the things we might be able to do in the space, and found ourselves asking… “Could we really do this?”.

Long story short, we took the leap, and here we are. 

As we began curating the space, we really let our intuition guide us and designed the space as we would our own homes. We started to experience ourselves just how impactful an environment is for supporting healing work and letting people feel safe to open up. Many folks have shared with us how settled they begin to feel when they walk in the door. We really do believe there is something extra special about this space.

We started to realize that this space was not just for us at This Human Thing, but also meant to be a space that is shared with others who need a powerful container to host their own offerings.

What is The Heart Center used for?

The Heart Center is utilized in three main ways:

1) As a home to the offerings by This Human Thing. 
All of the therapeutic yoga classes, groups, events + workshops created through This Human Thing are hosted at The Heart Center.
(Click here to keep an eye on upcoming offerings from This Human Thing).

2) As a niche co-working space for mental health professionals. 
We have three fully furnished offices that are fully set up to support therapeutic work. While we designed these rooms with therapists in mind, these rooms have also hosted bodywork, breathwork, tea ceremonies, meetings, remote work and photoshoots!
(Oh, and naps. Many, many naps).

3) As a space for folks to host their own events
One of our favourite things is seeing how other folks have used the space to share their own offerings! This space is like a blank canvas and can be utilized for so many things. We have hosted yoga + meditation classes, tea ceremonies, photoshoots, retreats, trainings, embodiment work, baby showers, group hypnosis, markets, and more! We have had folks interested in hosting weddings and celebrations of life here. Call us biased, but we think this is generally an excellent space for people to host their heart-centered events!

Why a co-working space?

There are many reasons one may be drawn to a co-working space.

One of the biggest shifts we have noticed in the mental health field comes from the impact of the pandemic. Many practitioners are now offering services virtually and do not need in-person space as often as before.

Also, practitioners who are just starting up a private practice are often drawn to co-working spaces, as they begin to build a caseload.

Co-working space offers the comfort and flexibility many of us need: the luxuries of still having a fully running office without the long-term lease commitments, start up and maintenance costs, or monthly office expenses.

Essentially, you can show up, do your job, and go home – all while working amongst a community of like-minded individuals.

Any reasons to not rent the space out?

Yes! Some important things to consider:

1) The only way into our space is by taking five stairs. The building accessibilty isn’t great for folks with mobility limitations, wheelchairs or strollers.

2) Parking can be a bit challenging for some folks. Most people park along the side streets or in the Value Village parking lot and have a short walk, but we totally get that this is not accessible enough for all.

3) Co-working space is not for everyone. While we try to make sure new members will have access to the space they need, it’s not a guarantee (like it would be with a fixed office). We also offer a lot of groups + events in evenings + weekends, so sometimes office availability is limited.

Sounds pretty f-ing amazing. Now what?

First of all… you’re not wrong. We are pretty in love with the space, too!

Here are some potential next steps:

1. If you are interested in learning more about our co-working and full space rental packages (or would just like to see some more pictures of the space), click here.

2. If you’d like to see what events are coming up, click here (or better yet, sign up for our newsletter while you’re there!)

3. If you’d like to follow along with us on Instagram, click here.

4. And if you’d like to ask us any questions or schedule a tour, contact us by clicking here!

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